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CSRF Series Foil on Ceramic Current Sensing Chip Resistor

CSRF Series 
Foil on Ceramic Current Sensing Chip Resistor

Stackpole’s popular CSRF series of foil on ceramic carrier current sense chips have added a robust 2043 size part rated for 6 watts of power.  The 2043 chip size has terminations on the longer edge of the chip which allows it to handle higher currents with lower thermal resistance and exceptional TCR of 50 ppm/ºC. 

The CSRF2043 has an operating temperature range up to 170°C which is advantageous for high current and high power environments that regularly experience significant self-heating.  The foil on ceramic carrier technology provides a very stable and reliable sense resistor with very low resistance shift due to a wide variety of electrical and environmental stresses.

The CSRF is a popular choice for a wide range of portable industrial and consumer electronics, with applications including power conversion, power management, laser controls, bus controllers, audio and video equipment, instrumentation and testing components, and electric and gas powered engine controls.

The CSRF2043 is available in resistance values from 10 to 20 milliohm in 1% and 5% tolerances.
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